Thursday, March 20, 2008

18th Annual ATEDS (Advanced Technology Electronic Defense Systems) Symposium

Pacing the Threat – Shaping the Future

April 8-10, 2008


Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Facility
San Diego, California

Sponsored by:   Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems Program Office (PMA 272)
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ATEDS Symposium Objective:

Recent regional and world-wide events, including the ongoing war on terrorism, have heightened concerns regarding threat technologies which are rapidly expanding, imparting a serious negative impact on tactical crew survivability.  It is imperative that industry and the military understand the state of technology for platform protection, where it needs to go in the near and far future, and how current and planned Electronic Warfare (EW) self-protection systems fit in with the DoD Joint Warfare Concept of Operations. EW self-protection includes the critical capabilities of recognizing attempts by hostile systems to track or engage U.S. or friendly forces and initiating the appropriate countermeasures (CM) or defensive response.

During the Symposium, participants will share with the working community the latest available EW self-protection technology information from all services.  Presentations will be allowed up to the SECRET-NOFORN level. The inter-relationships among threats, warning systems, and countermeasures responses remain critical determinants of mission success and crew/aircraft survivability and must therefore reflect in current and future designs.  The ATEDS sessions will be dedicated to exploring these relationships, exchanging ideas, and informing the EW community regarding these topics.

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